We Love, We Care, We Share


To be staged during the month of Merdeka, ‘BONDINGS’ is a production that reinforces the theme of unity between different races. Alongside this year’s slogan- “Sehati Sejiwa”- the show sees the stereotypical differences between races as value for success and uniqueness. Using sports as the thematical connection, Dr Wong Oi Min (Director) hopes this innovative production will bridge the cultural divides in the Malaysian community.

‘BONDINGS’ was written by ASWARA’s Creative Writing Faculty graduate, Suri Liu, as well as seven of the actors- Mohammad Faez, Ping Khoo, Zetty Napiah, Mohamad Fahim, Lim Mei Fen, Asyiq Iqmal, and Theatre Faculty lecturer Shahrul Mizad. This creative collaboration lends a mix of cultural, religious and racial backgrounds, to preserve its unique take on ideas and artistic value. Following this, ‘BONDINGS’ will potentially be brought overseas to China for the ASEAN Theatre Week in Nanning (15th – 22nd September) and Japan for the Tokyo Festival 2016 (4th – 6th November).


The Theatre Faculty of ASWARA would be proud to represent Malaysia in both these prestigious events focused on the performing arts; specifically as the only Arts Institute invited to the Tokyo Festival. The students and lecturers in the production will play not only a diplomatic role but be a representation of Malaysia on the international stage.

‘BONDINGS’ will be hosting a Gala Night production on the 20th of August at 8.30pm, to encourage sponsorship for the production costs of the show, as well as flight tickets to China for the ASEAN Theatre Week. The Theatre Faculty warmly welcomes any individual, group or corporate body who would like to lend a hand to this cause.

Mohammad Faez: “This is my first time acting in such a racially-diverse production, and I look forward to seeing a racially-diverse audience.”

Ping Khoo: “Through this, I’ve bonded with the people of ASWARA- we’re a family open to topics and ideas from across ethnicities.”


Mohamad Fahim: “My hopes for a better Malaysia has been lifted¬†with this production.”

Lim Mei Fen: “I wish to portray a better image of Malaysia in China and Japan.”

Asyiq Iqmal: “I’d like to seize this opportunity to represent Malaysia on the world stage.”

Zetty Napiah: “This is a great chance to bring our style of theatre to China and Japan.”

Dr Wong Oi Min: “During this important time, we bring real-life Malaysian experiences to the stage. It’s physical theatre symbolized by sports. Communities should be able to talk amongst themselves to exchange views and ideas.”

Suri Liu: “We focused on the viral issues regarding multiracial unity; the sensitivities affected these days are a huge concern. We want love, unity, and peace.”

‘BONDINGS’ is one of the productions offered by H.O.M.E, a new program by ASWARA in celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day. Details of the show can be found below:

Date(s): 19th – 21st August 2016

Time(s): 8.30pm (19th), 3pm & 8.30pm (20th &21st)

Venue: Panggung Eksperimen ASWARA

Ticket Price: RM30 (students) & RM35 (general)