Drag Attack!
We’re Back!


by Ian Nathaniel

‘Drag Attack’ is back for its second installment. After their first sold out run, this hilarious evening of music, glamour, and bitchy mayhem, ‘DRAG ATTACK!’ returns by popular demand. Everybody loves a drag, right? What do you get when you put Conchita Wurst, RuPaul and Priscilla together in one show? Answer: a hilarious battle of the Drag Divas that will leave you sashaying to Britney, emoting to Whitney whilst you Gaga away “Like A Prayer” to Madonna.

In this second production, one of the leads, Afham Zainal has replaced Ahraf Modee (who co-wrote the show with Shamaine Othman). Being a dancer and singer, Afham brings a young, fresh take on the character of VA (you gotta come to the show to find out her full name!). In the previous production of ‘Drag Attack’, there were guest stars every night ranging from Peter Davis to Jonathan Putra. Now we have new guest stars – Papi Zak, Malaysia’s largest and ever-so-lovable comedian; Rashid Salleh, TV Actor, ESPN host and cast of Kopitiam; Fee, the choreographer who will WERK! it on stage. Last but not least is the dishy Mark O’dea (wipes off drool) who came to Malaysia to perform with the London Boys in KL and then made it big as one of the hosts of 8TV’s Quickie. If you follow his YouTube channel you’ll see what a prankster he can be and we look forward to what he will bring to the show!


‘Drag Attack!’ is about three Divas – the reigning Queen of the MDA (Malaysian Diva Association) is stepping down and she’s looking for the new Queen. Two young Drag Divas have to fight for the right to be crowned the new Queen. To be crowned, the divas must undergo challenges in claiming their spot. They have to host their own TV show, catwalk, lip sync for their life, and much more! At the end of the show, the audience will be the ones who choose who gets to sit on the throne (the Queen kind).

When we watched the show early last year, ‘Drag Attack!’ got us rolling off our chairs and roaring in laughter. I mean, it’s Joanne Kam Poh Poh, what do you expect? Clean fun? Hell no! The best kind of fun is the vulgar kind (don’t tell my momma I said that). From the extensive makeup- which we learnt took HOURS to complete- to the size of those wigs, the length of those lashes, the sparkles, the baju yang lebih-lebih, they made the perfect drag trio. Fanceyhh! We can just feel it in our bones that it’ll be another round of cray fun, bitchy comebacks, live-singing to songs (that you can and will sing along too), and more!

So put on your fiercest heels, get your inner disco-fix on and unleash the inner drag in you! Join us on the most fun night(s) you will have had since Wong Foo went on a journey of self-discovery.


Everyone Welcome! Drags preferred. 



August 4th – 7th @ 8.30pm.



Theatre Lounge Cafe, B1-3A Plaza Damas 3,
63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



RM 70 (Regular)
RM 100 (Sofa with Drink)

Call to book:

011-11278823  or
+603-6730 7982


Starring Afham Zainal, Alfred Loh, and Phraveen Arikiah
4 Celeb Guests Nightly: Papi Zak, Rashid Salleh, Fee & Mark O’Dea
Directed by Joanne Kam | Music Direction by Llew Marsh
Written by Ashraf Zain & Shamaine Othman