Dropping Beats Errwhere:
Cody “Coex” Foo


by Sarah Daniella Dickman

Keeping up with talented musicians in the Malaysian scene has been made easier by KIL TV’s effort of releasing a series of videos showcasing an artist from every genre. Strutting their stuff in a concise but powerful video clip, there’s nothing but raw talent. Having received a welcome response from the first video that featured Malaysian Rapper, Ashtin, KIL TV has now released their next dragon, beatboxer Cody ‘Coex’ Foo. 

Hearing Coex drop a beat is something so fresh to the ears. It begs so many questions, for example, how can one person create so many sounds all at once? Not only that, how does he create sounds that others work on (using computers, software and various other trappings and trimmings, mind you) for hours to produce? After listening to him a couple of times, one can only accept the fact that his talent is unearthly. His beats and lines are crisp and clean, almost as if they were being digitally produced, but the only things he uses are his mouth and a microphone.

One thing very apparent about this man is that he is his own worst critic, and having said that, he is also his biggest driving force. Years and years of practice and honing his skill shows through his work. Having started out at the age of 16, Coex tells us that he stumbled upon a video of the first world beatboxing champion, Joel Turner. He obsessively watched the video over and over again to the point of memorizing the entire video – but he still couldn’t reproduce the sounds on his own. It was here that he turned to YouTube tutorials and videos, studying intently the various techniques, tips and tricks behind beatboxing. And, as they say, the rest is history.

To date, Coex is a 5-time Beatboxing Champion in the Southeast Asian Region and is also the first Malaysian to bring home the gold at a beatboxing championship. His talent, achievements and rock-solid will to succeed is not kept to himself; Coex also actively gives motivational speeches and has spoken at 4 TED Talks thus far. He has cited Skream & Benga, Cookie Monsta and What So Not as his main influences in the path of his artistry. He describes his own musical preference as heavy but with substance, and tends to be inclined to mainly hip-hop.

Aside from these great milestones, Coex is also one of the founding partners of Beat Nation, which focuses on organizing events, but more particularly beatboxing events. He has also recently ventured into organizing e-sports and tournaments and is excited to see where that is headed. Coex is definitely someone who has massive talent and is well on his way to greatness.

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