Adel Lina & Alia Kearney


 by Ian Nathaniel

Movement workshop facilitator, Adel Lina Yap volunteers at Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bianun doing just that for youths. She does a lot of improv moments and hold other workshops as well. She used to be a senior art director in an advertising firm. She now freelancers design, branding, strategy. She’s currently also involved in a project for the homeless.

‘Short + Sweet 2015’ Musical Theatre winner of Best Actor (Female), Alia Kearney, holds a Psychology degree from Dublin. She has performed on local and oversees stages. Most recently, Alia Kearney was in the award winning ‘Into The Woods‘ as Jack’s Mother. She’s also just completely a run of ‘the Retreat: a new whodunit play‘ where she played the prostitute, Charlie Genevieve. Alia is currently directing a new play by I’M Entertainment, called ‘Silk & Strings: The Truth of Bullying’.

Both Adel and Alia are part of a production in a building that has a beautiful rooftop – ‘DUALITY;’. ‘DUALITY;’ is an immersive multidisciplinary performance that explores themes surrounding gender. Accompanied through movement, monologue and stillness, the performers will take you through the landscape of Gender.

We spoke to both of them to find out how the audition was for them, how the production is going, and WHAT is ‘DUALITY;’ to them. Here’s what they had to say.

What did you prepare for the audition?

AL: I put together something which spoke about women and what women are expected to be. Then, I chose three of my favourite songs. It evoked the emotions of a woman who is pure and gentle, and a women who is strong and angry, and a woman who is very basic with earth instinct.

AK: When we were told to make a collage, I was in Bangkok at that time trying to go on a solo holiday to find myself. It didn’t really work. I ended up being more angry and feeling alone and frustrated. My collage is a lot about a little girl being lost bring caged, women screaming, wanting to end it all and kill myself and wishing I could numb everything. It basically showed where I was at that point in my life.

For the audition itself, I did a piece from a song called Stay Alive from A Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Everytime I hear that song, I feel so… it really resonates with me. It’s like fighting to stay alive but also stoping to see the beauty that I around you and in the world. And sometimes we forget. I had basically rope around me and used the song to fight for life.

How was the audition process for you?

AL: It was wonderful. The two directors that we have were very open and encouraging. And that’s the best kind of rehearsals to tap into the performers. Whether it’s words or movement.

AK: It was interesting. It’s definitely something I’v not done before. I did enjoy it. It was nice to be in a space where I could just be in a space where I could be myself with no thinking, no judgement. I feel like we all connected quite early on in the process and we all became one. One energy and one source. Even though we all had different stories, there was some kind of cord that connected us all that just made it a safe space. It was beautiful, healing, and spiritual moment

On the scale from ONE to VINNA AND SHANE ARE BAT SHIT CRAZY, how intense are rehearsals?

AL: It’s about 6 overall.

AK: The rehearsals are f*cking intense and I’ve never been in a rehearsal that is this intense. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have signed up for this had I known what I’d have to go through. But everything happens for a reason. We’re going through all this sh*t for a reason because when else can I go through all this. It is bat shit crazy. The show is bat shit crazy. It’s OUR bat shit crazy.


The VSC Project is set have their debut performance, as well as the showing of the first stage of their project in late September with a multidisciplinary experimental piece titled, ‘DUALITY;’.

‘DUALITY;’, the first of VSC showcase, delves into the realms and the idea of a gender blind world. How would we act and what would we be if there wasn’t a preconceived idea on how a person should be based on what their genitals is in their pants?


Is this your first time doing something of this sort? And how it is for you?

AL: No. I’ve directed and performed physical theatre before.

AK: Not my first time. I did one when I was back in La Salle. That was pretty interesting and it is a favourite show til now. It was quite raw unlike this one because that wasn’t a personal story. It was beautiful show about lists.

It’s bat shit crazy. And it’s life changing for all of us. Society maes you a robot, Theatre makes you real life.

Why did you agree to do ‘DUALITY;’?

AL: After being with them for a few months, I get it. Everyone has different degree of the fight, change, course, whatever it is. Everyone wants to be understood. My own development is that I’m aware of how times are changing and that terms are changing. So it’s about balance, keeping everything in balance, your work, your life, family. But then I found out that I am the balance.

AK: It was just the space I was in at that time. I needed something to hang on to. Some hope, some show. And needed to break myself out of the self destruction loop I was in. I did it, and hey, I’m here!

In your own words, what is ‘DUALITY;’ to you?

AL: Being able to move into environment under any circumstances. Receive and let it pass through which means my state must be in two forms; whether light are dark, sun or moon.

AK: Yin and yang. Balance. Love. Hate. The line between angry sex and loving sex. The whole world is built on duality. Life. Death. Birth. Destruction. Without one, how tcan there be the other?

What do you think the audience can expect from the show?

AL: Absolutely nothing! Feeding the audience any kind of information is gonna be difficult for this piece. The terms ‘duality’ and ‘gender’ pushes the bar so high already. But if anybody walks in with different expectations, the first thing they will experience is how they feel. From there, they will understand.

AK: Weirded out, confused, unsure. But feeling it anyway. But I know that it’s gonna hit them on the soul level. And if they run, it would have hit them that they face what we are facing because in truth, we are all fighting the same battles. Just different variations of it.


‘DUALITY;’ is organized by The VSC Project. The symbol of the VSC Project is that of the Vesica Piscis; a symbol made from two circles of the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the centre of each circle lies on the circumference of the other.
Or in our words, the symbol of balance, acceptance and understanding.

Date & Time:

21st September – 24th September @ 8.30pm
28th September – 1st October @ 8.30pm


Pertubuham Akitek Malaysia,
99L, Jalan Tandok, Bukit Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Preview (21st September) – RM 35
Standard – RM 55
Student – RM 40
Concession – RM 35
Package A (3 pax) – RM 135


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