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The Kevin Michael Project

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by Ian Nathaniel


It was only a couple of months ago that we heard that Kevin was leaving Fazz. Devastated, we nevertheless knew that he would be up to something very soon. True enough, Kevin temporarily moved to Singapore before embarking on his next step of life. While there, he collaborated with three Singaporean musicians and today he brings you- ‘The Kevin Michael Project’.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.42.43 PM‘The Kevin Michael Project’ consists of Kevin Michael on vocals (former vocalist of Fazz, champion of the Sonica Song Composing Competition 2012 with “That’s Life”), Ben Jacob Lee on keys (performed alongside big names such as Aliff Aziz, Syarif Sleeq, Clarence Liew, and many more), Benjamin Mah on bass (bassist, musical director and co-writer for RnB artiste Ben Jacob Lee as well as owner of Stompbox SG), and Rafee on drums (percussionist/drummer of Inner Vibe and director of ANADIGI Sound Lab in Singapore).

The plan was to produce 10 completely new songs in a space of 4 months and tour with it. With that in mind, the quartet worked towards the goal. Four months have passed and here they are, performing in Singapore and Malaysia (KL and Penang). Kevin describes their style as “Vaudeville-Swing”. Vaudeville is a theatrical genre of entertainment; alongside Kevin’s whimsical lyrics and light hearted tunes, the band promises to captivate its audience.

We’ve seen Kevin perform, and he is nothing short of a unique performer. With a background in theatre and musical theatre, he doesn’t just sing the songs; he performs them. Kevin adds that there will be a personal touch to this show because it is dedicated to his brother. “I’ve always wanted to write him a song, but in the end, this whole project became that song,” said Kevin.

Above is a sneak peak of what you will hear at ‘The Kevin Michael Project’ Tour. This song- that sounds like it’s from the “Grease” era- has lyrics that will resonate with almost everyone, and make you feel good and like shit, but good. “Where will this lead? Where will this go? Does this feel odd? I don’t know where to go. So just dance with me ’til you know where to go.”

‘The Kevin Michael Project’ will be making its waves from the 28th June 2016 ’til 2nd July 2016. With a minimum donation of RM 15, you will experience a different level of performance, from our very own homegrown Kevin Michael plus the collaboration of Singapore musicians.

Do check out their Facebook page for updates.

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