Kyoto Protocol:
KL I Sayang You Official Music Video

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It’s out! Kyoto Protocol’s official music video. What was called KL, I Love You is now fused with a little Malay language in it. Fuad writes, “Glad to see this come to life with the help of my brother from another mother, Mior Luqman Hakim Myo, who even inspired me to try writing a small part of the lyrics, in Malay, for the first time in my life.”

What we think of the video? It captures the realness of KL. It’s an everyday experience; who you walk past, who you stumble upon, who you interact with, and whose armpits you smell on the train. Accompanied with interviews(whom we think/hope is random people) saying various and maybe controversial(we love it!) things like, “Certain people will try to divide us,” even a Myanmar man added into this pot saying [in translation], “Not many people like me. I’m here to work.” Kyoto truly captured the spirit of the everyday working man going through the daily grind in KL City.

Well, it’s Kyoto Protocol. All in all, it’s a fun video capturing the essence of KL. At the end of the day, we have to admit, we love KL and KL loves us. Here it is:


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“KL I Sayang You” was conceptualised and filmed by Luey Motion Lab,
Director = Tina
Director of Photography = Zul Luey