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Good Vibes


Ever since the whole “festival fiasco” with the authorities, Malaysian festival-goers have been deprived of their freedom to party. I mean, it never really stopped us, but to rock out at a major festival? Only neighbouring countries (coughIndonesiacoughSingapore) gave us that experience and yes, it was very sad.


But the good guys at Future Sound Asia did not disappoint! After their one year hiatus (we remember Empire of the Sun and !!!), ‘Good Vibes Festival’ returned, better than ever. Shout-out to Mother Nature for the perfect weather which graced Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands.


The Ranch wasn’t extremely huge, so getting around took much less effort (for the lazy people like us); with the two main stages being literally next to each other. It was just a hop and a skip away to a can of Heineken or to watch Shan from Kyoto Protocol beat the shit out of his drums. Adding to that, the ground wasn’t filled with muddy potholes, so our footwear was generally clean-ish.

The festival entailed a few activities: there was the Topshop Topman booth where festival-goers could get temporary tattoos, get their picture taken, charge their phones (what a life saver!!); there were several festival priced food choices, all of which tasted like heaven after partying for hours. There was the AirAsia booth, One Move booth, and not forgetting the STARCLUB which also reads: the minum spot.

But what did we like about ‘Good Vibes Festival’ besides the amazing lineup? Here’s five things which really stuck out.


1. It was like one big happy family…

We were all there for one sole purpose – to have fun. Music being the international language really brought us closer as Malaysians, as people. No matter what race you were, what sexual orientation, what shape or size, it felt as if we were connected by a huge signal, programmed to function together.



2. We progressed with technology…

You have no f*cking idea how happy we were this time around at this festival! While bands were playing onstage, most people DIDN’T have their phones waving in the air trying to record every god*mn thing happening on stage. There were a few people, but they mostly did that during the hit songs. Otherwise, it was just hands; hands having fun. And we didn’t spot a single person playing Pokèmon GO during the festival! YAS!!



3. Much civilization (sort of) indeed… 

Excusing some of the guys who just couldn’t wait to relieve themselves on Planet FullBladder, everyone was always in line for everything- whether grabbing a beer, buying food, or waiting for the toilet. Even in entering and exiting the festival ground, everyone was just really civilized about it. Although, we must say, this isn’t very surprising: we’re from a generation of awesome, obviously we’ll be civilized.



4. Everyone was well-behaved… 

Although there was alcohol and stuff involved, everyone was really well-behaved. No one we saw was at a point of intoxication beyond consciousness. And kudos to everyone for that! That’s the way to go – party safe!



5. Super gung-ho crowd…

The crowd who showed up really took effort and time. Some were clad like a bedazzled iPhone; light-up shoes, balloons, psychedelic colours, hilarious prints, and many more! Some were in crutches, some even in pain, but that didn’t seem to stop them from having a good time! Almost like they were in the running for a best dressed contest. Maybe next time?


With all that being said, although the first day was more energetic with bands like The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club (finally!!), Sevencollar T-Shirt, we really enjoyed the “good vibes” on the second day with Enterprise, +2DB, Angus & Julia Stone, with the night ending with Disclosure. Very chill. Almost too chill. But the overall vibe was just a very nice “high.”

Let’s see what Future Sound Asia has in store for us next year, and the years to come!

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The amazing photos were taken by All Is Amazing. Check out the photo albums at Good Vibes Festival Facebook Page.