Orchestrating the Festive Feels:
Revival of The ‘Hari Raya Symphony’

Onn At Work 1

by Ian Nathaniel


If you’ve not read the previous feature on Onn San, check it out here. The spirit of Hari Raya is here, and it’s not unusual for brands, companies, and artistes to wish everyone in their own personal style. (We’re still waiting for what Nando’s has in stall for us.) Musicians/bands typically record a Hari Raya tune in their own genre as a special wish to all their fans.

Onn San decided to take it further- he orchestrated not one, not two, but a few well-known Raya tunes. This series is called ‘East Meets West’; I think it’s self-explanatory. If you need an explanation, please run into a wall. No, I’m joking. Let’s try this: firstly- western instruments, western musical arrangement influences, western chord progressions and scales. Eastern because, well, Malaysia is in the east and it’s Hari Raya. So… you guessed it (unless you referred to my explanation, in which case, I guess you didn’t really)!

This piece of work is composed, orchestrated, arranged, sequenced, and performed by Onn San; even the video is edited by him. Of course, all this happened 3 years ago, but it’s still legit and it probably will be for a long time because classical music is pretty much the basis of all genres.

Like how you can hear Pachelbel’s chords in Aerosmith, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Bob Marley, even The Beatles- Onn San’s ‘Hari Raya Symphony’ will never go “out of style”, and it will also not annoy Rob Pavaronian.


Bonus video:


What we think of Onn San’s orchestration? One word – impassionned(see what we did there?)!