Post Curtain Call:
Dato’ Seri

Dato' Seri - review

One of Shakespeare’s oldest and most revered productions, ‘Macbeth’, hits the stage tonight, and it’d be a lie to say it wasn’t eagerly anticipated. Right off the bat, ‘Dato’ Seri’ gave off an impression of grandeur and intricacy, the emblem of Shakespeare. This was mirrored in both the visuals and dialogue throughout the show; appropriate for an adaptation of ‘The Scottish Play’.

The set design was minimalistic but certainly not simple; a little platform here for elevation and a little pillar there for enhancing aesthetic movement of the characters. Smoke was used to great effect in intensifying the scenes.

The blocking was well thought out, so props to director Omar Ali for creating smooth transitions between scenes. Lighting was tastefully handled, although while the visual projection could have been meant to be artistic, it may not have come off as so.

On to the actors! Dialogue delivery was handled quite well considering the flowery language used and the style chosen to parallel Shakespearean English. Radhi Khalid as Macbeth (Dato’ Dikajang) was forceful and expressive, while Safia Hanifah brought her character of Lady Macbeth (Datin Dikajang) to life and seemed effortlessly evil yet relatable as the play went on.

Dialogue, it must specifically be said, probably requires an audience familiar with the complexities of the Malay language. The pacing of the story itself stayed true to the original plot and was done well. All twists and turns were cleverly written in and carried out onstage.

All in all, a very enjoyable play, although perhaps more so to fans of Shakespeare.