Post Curtain Call:
Just Dance with the klpac String Ensemble


When the string ensemble entered the stage, we thought that the flood of multi-coloured dressing was brilliant. It gave off a very casual feel and we instantly felt like it was going to be a very relaxing night. I mean, string ensemble- that’s enough to put you in a comfortable spot, isn’t it?

The ensemble consisted of people from all walks of life; the youngest was only 9 years old. Conducted and musically directed by Norman Ong, the ensemble was sized at about 50 performers, but we thought the second violins displayed the most fluidity in movement and the most passion when performing the songs.

Opening with ‘Danza Hellenica’, the only grievance is that it was a little too short. We wanted more. The rest of the night didn’t disappoint with familiar tunes like ‘Blue Danube Waltz’, ‘Themes from The Nutcraker’, and ‘Swan Lake’.

Some of the songs were accompanied by student and guest dancers, who sometimes were not very in-sync. Guest dancers Kay Leong & Christina Lim took the stage with a strong Waltz across the stage. They swooshed from stage left to right and back again; it was done with such grace and beauty.

Guest solo violinist- who performed Oblivion- Aksana Yusupova, graced the stage with her rendition of the song. To be honest, we couldn’t really hear her. Maybe we were sitting a little too far back, but needless to say, this veteran violinist displayed much charm and passion while performing.

The night almost ended on a high with ‘Songs of Childhood’, arranged by Yeo Chow Shern. It was a mixture of traditional songs. You would at least know two out of the four of them. For the songs we were familiar with, it was clever in combining unconventional methods of making music/sound.

The night ended with an encore! Ask for it! You won’t be disappointed. For a string ensemble who practiced 3 hours a week for 4 months, we thought it was a good job. However, we felt the percussion section was under-utilized and the drums sounded very dry.

Unfortunately (for you, sorry!), Just Dance is completely sold out! So if you haven’t got your tickets, follow klpac on Facebook to get firsthand information on their upcoming shows.