Post Curtain Call:
MUD the Musical – The Story of Kuala Lumpur


A jaw-dropping mud-see!

‘MUD – The Story of Kuala Lumpur’ has been running for almost two years now (almost the longest running musical in Malaysia). The 60-minute production has gone through a couple of tweaks but it’s core story still remains intact; the story of how Kuala Lumpur became what it is today.

When we first entered Panggung Bandaraya DBKL, we were already mesmerized by the intricate detail of the well-preserved interior. Buying our tickets at the front of house (which I don’t recommend, instead buy your tickets online to secure the best seats), we then walked in to one of the most beautiful theatres we’ve been in.

Who pays attention to history class nowadays? ‘MUD’ will give you the history you need in a very entertaining and informative way. With memorable melodies, a beautifully sung lullaby and emotionally riveting music, the ensemble of ‘MUD’ wow-ed us with their passionate and energetic performance (like they were performing for a packed Madison Square!)

Also, surprise, surprise (not really surprising), ‘MUD – The Story of Kuala Lumpur’ won Best Set Design (among the 3 awards won, including Best Lighting Design and Audience Choice Award) at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2016. Their set was made up of animated visuals as well as physical sets that flew in and out. The visuals, for us, take the cake on this one; visuals that look 3D? Yes please! The visuals were not simplistically designed; it was designed with precision in the right amount of vignette, or the right amount of live action footage, all aesthetically combined for the entire ‘look’ of the set.

The idea of audience participation in a show of this scale is crucial to keep the viewers immersed in the story. ‘MUD’ pulled out all the stops to give the audience an experience like no other. Props for the interesting theatrical effects (especially near the end). And a job well-done for using the space in a dynamic and captivating way.


4 and a Quarter