Post Curtain Call:


Walking in to see the set of ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’, we were pre-warned of the reason behind the jungle scene as stated in the previous article. So it was not unexpected. The audience started filling up the seats all around us and before you know it, it was a sold out show! While waiting for the show to start, a couple of legit nuns walked in and people flipped! The legit nuns were funny as hell when they walked in saying, “We’re not the actors.”

Opening the night with ensemble pieces to welcome everybody to the “fundraiser,” we were taken aback over the malfunctioned mic Elvira had on. But as soon as she exited the stage, the technical issue was settled (for her at least).

Throughout the whole show, the five sisters kept us on, well, off our seats. Roaring in laughter, clapping along, and rolling on the floor laughing their a** off even more. The show was well-written and well adapted for the local audience although some may not get all the religious references; the show still promises a load of jokes for everyone’s enjoyment.

We have to credit Shanthini Venugopal for a splendid performance as the Reverend Mother. Her wit and charm surely thrilled the audience. And my my, Elvira Arul at the closing number ‘Holier Than Thou’ really “took it to church.” Junji Delfino amazed us with her stunning performance of a sister who can’t remember shit.

Sister Robert Anne, played by Nicole-Anne Thomas took our breath away with her fine acting. Not having as much to play with as Sister Amnesia, Nicole portrayed her character with such enthusiasm. Teresa Goh, being the youngest addition to the cast, was also good.

Besides the microphones that kept messing up throughout the show (which I’m certain they will fix immediately), it was a great show. We recommend it to anyone who wants to choke themselves with laughter.

3 and a Half