Post Curtain Call:
Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience


When we first stumbled upon ‘Potted Potter’, we said to ourselves, “Well shit, this is gonna be one interesting show.” And indeed, it was! It was like a crucio to your funny bone. Being avid believers of the Harry Potter series, we knew the stories cover to cover and never did we imagine it being retold like that.

‘Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience’ is a Harry Potter comedy parody from West End London. The two front men, Daniel Clarkson and James Percy- both with vast acting experience- graced the stage for a packed 70-minute show. How do they find the energy? Dumbledore will prophesize (or will he?).

Props to both Dan and James for spilling some seamless improvisations along the way, playing to the crowd, and playing to that one specific guy who must fear the front row now. The audience was breathless with laughter throughout the whole show and burst into (what seemed like eternal) applause when Malaysian-specific references were made. We particularly liked the “Dark Lord” one (if you didn’t catch it, well, sucks for you).

The whole ride infused a simple set design which, in turn, was part of the “disaster” called Dan. There was an interesting choice of props, questionable character choices, the good amount of audience interaction, and brilliant lighting which made the flow of the story very clear. However, there were times where James broke character because Dan was just too funny. To be fair, that made the show even funnier! Additionally, we must say the show ended on a very abrupt note. Maybe that’s the price of a highly-intoxicative, over-the-top performance- all good things must come to an end.

Overall, it was a perfect Saturday evening show if you wanted to unwind by laughing your guts out uncontrollably. Do we smell ‘The Cursed Child’ making its way into Potted Potter? We sure do hope so!