LALU Review

The trailer that was making its way around the Internet certainly ensured an audience eager for the debut of short film project “LALU”, by Seeing Eye Films and We Are Kix. The film did not disappoint- while the trailer was a dash of tension and jarring horror-thriller vibes, the short film managed to leave us just the right amounts of spooked and mystified.



Firstly, what an amazing job done with visual effects! The insertion of visual elements into shots were seamless, and when they were not as seamless it was obviously done for the creep factor. Transitions and flickering were used to cleverly add to the rising tension, and camera movement during certain shots made it seem more realistic.

The story itself was simple in terms of plot; without giving too much away, “LALU” revolves around three friends who are out on a road trip and run into some unexpected encounters. The supernatural aspect is played upon and many different instances directly or symbolically relate to the title of the short (a pattern that was nicely thought-out).

Acting was pretty good, if somewhat awkward at one point; expression was brilliant and the characters convey their fear and panic quite well. Dialogue was not limited to polite language (to retain a sense of realistic reactions?) so try not to be too shocked (but is anyone really shocked by swear words anymore?). Kudos to the sound design team, for the right moments of pin-drop silences and crescendoes.

All in all, a great short film experiment that I hope to see more of in future. Between you and me, however, I won’t be taking a road trip to the countryside any time soon- not without a cavalry, anyway.


*Photo taken from the official Facebook page for the film. You can watch the full short film here or below: