stones of justice review

Local independent film company, Seeing Eye Films, intrigued the Internet with the morbid twists of its previous short film in the ‘DARK TRIPTYCH’ series- ‘SAVAGES’. If that and the very name of the company has somehow escaped your fascination so far, may we invite you to take a gander at their newest YouTube upload?

Considering the title of this new film- ‘STONES OF JUSTICE’- one can only expect to experience a similar vibe to ‘SAVAGES’. However, ‘STONES OF JUSTICE’ unravels slowly; a seemingly normal day, almost PSA-like in its portrayal of a ‘sweetheart’ main character, is brutally cut short by a sudden mishap. We much appreciated the change in point of view during this pivotal scene, and how it was executed.

Those with shorter attention spans may find the following sequence of scenes a little draggy; the importance of those scenes is not to be overlooked, however. In terms of capturing the change in demeanour and mentality of the character post-tragedy, it was a job well done. The initial feel-good look of the introductory scenes is changed to a dreary hue, to mirror the difference in the main character. The sound was done well, even if one only notices it during the crescendo in action scenes (perhaps as intended).

Considering that the ending might have been quite predictable, effort was obviously taken to disillusion the audience and shake their expectations. In a rush of action, ‘STONES OF JUSTICE’ comes to an abrupt end, and leaves the viewer pondering on right and wrong. All in all, not as disturbing as ‘SAVAGES’, but certainly a disconcerting and nicely-done short on what happens when bad things happen to a good woman.


Stones of Justice is a fictionalized account based on true notorious bag-snatching crimes that has been occurring over the last few years in Kuala Lumpur. Directed by Audrie Yeo, a BMW Shorties 2015 Top 10 Finalist, this film features homegrown talents Mayjune Tan, Amanda Ang, Jay Tan, and veteran actors Louisa Chong and Patrick Teoh.

In line with a women-centric theme, the original soundtrack for Stones Of Justice is done by Malaysia’s female experimental songwriter Suiko Takahara of The Venopian Solitude (the first invitee from Malaysia to the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy 2016!)

Stones Of Justice is originally adapted from Angeline Woon’s “Big Bertha and the Stones Of Justice”, published in the anthology “KL Noir: White” by Buku Fixi. 

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