Soulful Epitome:


by Sarah Daniella Dickman

Think you’ve heard it all? You ain’t heard nothing yet! KIL TV’s latest release, songstress Dani, will show you what nuggets of gold have been hiding in the Malaysian music industry. As part of KIL TV’s ongoing project of showcasing artistes in their purest and truest form, this video clip will prove to all that Malaysia is steadily on its way to the golden age of music; a renaissance of talent, if you will. But who is this talented young lady? Let’s find out!

Dani, the latest talent showcased by KIL TV, started out singing at a tender young age- taking her cue from religious vocal lessons she used to attend. At first glance, one would definitely concede that this woman is a beauty, with a personality that is just as stunning. But even more amazing is the sheer amount of talent she possesses within her.

To describe Dani’s voice, one would have to say that she embodies the essence of deep soul and the blues. Having heard one of her original singles, ‘Goodbye Moon’, a while ago – the depth of the song completely blew us away. It is clear that her songwriting process is nothing superficial; rather, it couples complex chording and poetic lyrics to create musical masterpieces.

Dani tells us that a couple of years ago, she knew for certain this is what she wanted to do in life, and worked constantly to perfect her craft. A psychology major at that point, she then decided to take a hiatus from her academics in order to pursue this passion of hers- music.

While some of you may just be hearing about her, Dani has been actively performing in local bars and speakeasies throughout the year, having showcased her music at venues such as Merdekarya, Laundry Bar and many others. While she is mostly used to performing on her own, with just her powerful vocals and a guitar on full display, she has recently been teaming up with other talented local musicians for her sets.

Dani cites musicians and singers like Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald as her biggest influences. She also acknowledges local powerhouse diva, Evie Feroza, as a contributor to her path of artistry. She describes her music as a cross between blues, soul and jazz, quintessentially fusing the three to create her own unique brand of music.

Oh, and by the way, her vocal control is something that is near impossible to ignore, making risky jumps from her high registers to her lower ranges without so much as a pause for breath!

What else can we say? KIL TV has done it again (check out the videos of  Ashtin and Coex if you missed them)! Check out Dani’s video below and be a part of this exciting movement spearheaded by KIL TV, by liking and subscribing to their YouTube channel. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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